Xcel Canada Inc.

This is a true story about how Xcel Canada Inc. came to be.

Tucked away in the wilds of Northern Ontario, Canada there is a man living in a Valley, who after more than 127 moose years (20 Human Years) in the sportswear apparel business, he came to realize he had more to offer his fellow Canadians. For many days and nights he wandered the beautiful Canadian woods, and travelled the world knowing he could come up with a sportswear solution. Returning to the Valley, with the help of a whole crew of supportive animals of the human sort, we came up with what you see on our website now… Xcel Canada Inc. While Xcel Canada itself may be new, our collective experience in the sportswear industry probably adds up to more years than the NHL has been in existence.

We wanted something simple, and yet customizable. You can take an otherwise beautifully simple black Xcel Canada item and put some of our coloured accents on it. Whether it is jacket pulls or hoodie drawstrings, we have options. Faster than a raccoon in a bag of chips at a campsite, you have a fresh new look.

Good design sizing. With apparel sizes ranging from Youth Extra Small to 6X, no one is left out. That was important to us. And it’s important to the guy nicknamed ‘Bear’. We don’t have the nerve to disagree.

Competitively priced product. We’ve been in the business a long time, and know how good prices mean happy customers. We like those. That and the money you save can go towards coffee. We love coffee, almost as much as happy customers.

Creating something of good quality was critical. We think we did that, and know you all agree. Check out our fantastic jerseys, you'll love them.

Ease of Purchasing. Set up an account, get approved, login, click on what you want, with live feeds on what is in stock, and coming in. Pay with Visa or MasterCard and your ordered items are flying out the door, quicker than a flying squirrel. Although that has yet to be scientifically proven we’re faster, we still know we’re fast.

Outstanding Customer Service. If you're happy, we're happy. We Xcel to be the best. Simple as that.

We’re a creative, fun bunch of people, always brimming with new ideas, so keep an eye peeled for new things we’ll be offering.

Welcome to being part of the Xcel experience! We look forward to working with you.


The gang at Xcel Canada, and the guy from the Valley.

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