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While we cannot answer questions about quantum physics or anything, we can answer a lot of questions about sportswear. We like to think we’re experts in that area, especially our own stuff. Around here it isn’t just about great prices, it’s about great customer service too. You’ll see.

So, sending us an e-mail through the interweb is your best bet, most of us here are literate, and have opposable thumbs which make us very good at typing. If our heads aren’t buried in boxes of jackets, or we’re not on yet another coffee run, we’ll answer the phone, so you can call too, if you like.

Xcel Canada Inc.

2692 C Hwy 17 East
Corbeil, ON
P0H 1K0

Phone: 705-752-4343
Toll Free: 1-855-497-XCEL (9235)
Fax: 705-752-4346


We look forward to hearing from you!

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